6 tips for layer management in Photoshop

While working with a PSD file with multiple layers, chances are high that you will lose control and your entire efforts will go in vain. You have to be very careful when the work is being carried out in a professional environment. PSD files need to pass through different people and hence clarity and conciseness is inevitable. Let us see some great tips for layer management in Photoshop which will be of great help.

Naming layers

If you intend to share PSD files, naming is highly significant. Many times when a PSD file is opened, you may find a huge heap of layers as well as adjustments without names. Naming them is quite easy and never laborious. When duplicates are created for a layer, prefix will be the same. You can simply add something to it and thus make all them easily identifiable.

Color coding

This is a great trick that facilitates easy identification of different layers. Just right click on them and move on towards property. Then colour can be changed. Also names can be changed from properties pane. Since visuals are more comprehensible, layers can be easily identified if they are appropriately colour coded. 

Merging down

Most of the companies that offer image editing services consider this as a key tip. The layers can easily escalate in regard of numbers when multiple and varied effects are applied atop each other. So, it is recommended to merge down these whenever possible. You can many times combine different layers into a single object that if needed can be consequently added to or duplicated. 

Using folders

Even if you have named layers, colour coded them and merged down to the maximum possible extent, still there may be a lot of dissimilar layers. Using groups for organizing all these dissimilar ones into suitably titled folders would be great.

Deleting unused layers

You will definitely have numerous empty layers towards the end that are completely futile. You can go through panel and keep on deleting these on the go. This will sort out only the important ones and clear a lot of space.

Ensuring correctness of stacking order

Make sure that you have got the stacking order correct in the panel. It is normally seen that type layer appear on the top. Similarly, background ones are seen at the bottom. Those numbered appear in a numerical order. Thus it becomes absolutely clear and therefore helpful to the next person working on the file.

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